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About Us

We are a talented and dedicated team of bilingual tutors located in South Florida who decided to join forces and make this happen. 

With the ability to instruct both in English and Spanish, we are well equipped to serve the diverse linguistic needs of the community. Each one of us brings a diverse range of expertise to the table, ensuring each student receives the tailored instruction they need to succeed. 

Online Learning

We are a group of professionals committed to providing high-quality education and support to students and families in Miami Dade county and beyond!

Whether it’s boosting confidence, filling in knowledge gaps, or preparing for exams, this South Florida tutoring team is here to help. With our passion for education and unwavering commitment to success, we are poised to make a meaningful impact on the academic journeys of young minds and avid learners. 

Meet the Team

Mrs. Fontan_Picture.HEIC

Meet Mrs. Fontan, a dedicated and passionate teacher with over 10 years of teaching expertise.

She holds a degree in education and is a proud holder of a Professional Educator’s Certificate in Elementary Education K-6. Mrs. Fontan differentiates instruction to meet the individual needs of her students while enriching their knowledge based on their skills. In addition to other qualifications, she has also taught students in grades K-8, making her a versatile instructor. In her classroom, she effectively integrates technology to engage students and enhance their learning experience. Mrs. Fontan is well-versed in using a variety of software programs such as i-Ready, Reflex Math, IXL, and Prodigy, which allows students to sharpen their skills at their own pace. With a focus on Science and Math, Mrs. Fontan is a valuable asset to our tutoring team and is committed to helping her students succeed with their academic goals.

Ms. Carranza_Picture.jpg

Meet Ms. Carranza, a highly qualified and experienced educator who has dedicated her career to helping students succeed.

With over 15 years of teaching experience, Ms. Carranza has a proven track record of success in her classroom, having taught students in grades K-8. Her expertise extends beyond just one state as she holds valid teaching certificates in both Florida and Tennessee. Her certificates include ESE K-12, ESOL K-12, Elementary K-6, and Reading K-12, showcasing her versatility and commitment to providing students a well-rounded education. We are proud to welcome Ms. Carranza to our team and to the positive impact she will bring to our tutoring program.

Mrs. Prada_Picture.jpg

Meet Mrs. Prada, an experienced and dedicated educator who is committed to fostering academic growth in her students.

With a certificate in Reading K-12, Elementary K-6, and ESOL K-12, Mrs. Prada is well-rounded and equipped to provide a high -quality education to students of all ages. Since 2014, she has been making a difference in the lives of primary grade students with her ability to simplify complex subjects and her passion for teaching. We are honored to have Mrs. Prada on our team.  We are truly confident that she will make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of the families and students she serves.

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